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The Kmart Layaway Secret Santa

I love these types of holiday stories this time of year, showcasing the kindness of strangers. This particular story involves a woman, donating a cart-full of toys at her local Kmart, and deciding to give even more. Except, she wasn’t shopping for more toys to donate, she wanted to pay someone’s layaway purchase, too. Three […]

5 Tips to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party (Post Sponsored by Kmart)

My husband leaves this Sunday to go away for two weeks, and will miss spending Halloween with us. We decided not to let this news get us down, so we threw our own Halloween party this weekend, before he leaves, complete with Halloween costumes, Halloween decorated house, and Halloween party snacks out of this world. Tip #1: […]

Summer Fun with Backyard Water Toys from H2OGO!

This is a sponsored review for H2OGO! Backyard Water Toys. We are ready to rock the summer of 2016, baby! We’ve partnered with H2OGO! to sample some of their amazing, colorful, and exciting backyard water toys. This is the company that revolutionized backyard water fun last summer with their launch of the first and only water slide with […]

Ways to Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Oh, Halloween. We love you so hard. We love dressing up in costume, decorating the house, and throwing Halloween parties. The kids particularly love walking door-to-door to get all the candy their little trick-or-treat bags can hold, am I right? But once you’re home, and the Halloween craziness is over, once you’ve checked it to […]

Halloween Costume Shopping for the Family from #OrangeTuesday

As part of being an Orange Tuesday ambassador, last week we were assigned to shop for our Halloween costumes from! I can’t wait to show you what we chose! Both younger boys have chosen to be Captain America – one will be the traditional with regular Captain America shield while the other one will […]

Easy Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

The second the Christmas stuff comes down, the Valentine’s stuff goes up. Without fail, my kids always ask me, “Why do we decorate for every holiday?” “Because it’s fun, kids.” And it is! Some people enjoy the house looking suddenly less cluttered, more organized and clean without the Christmas/holiday stuff up, but not me, man! […]