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Work With Me

Welcome Thank you for your interest! C’mon in! I’ve just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and I love having guests over. Just who am I? Growing up, I was always a lover of the written word, carving out time in my busy day to spend some quiet time with a paper and pencil. My […]

What To Do With That Holiday Money?

Every year my children are given money and gift cards from grandparents, whether for birthday, holidays, tooth-fairy, report cards, etc. I’ve discussed how we save our children’s money in envelopes at home, to include all gift cards they’re given. This year, though, since opening my children’s Kidworth accounts, we can now add their kid contributions […]

How to Use an Envelope to Help Kids Budget, Save Money, and Christmas Shop by Themselves

I will never forget the day that my then second-grade children ran in the door from school, ecstatic about a piece of paper they held in their hands. “LOOK, MOM! I CAN GO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING FOR YOU!” Up until that point, our sibling Christmas Shopping for one another involved hand-held baskets being covered by their […]

Helping Kids Save Money – Mom is the “Banker”

One of our many piggy banks in the house When kids are little, it’s “easy,” isn’t it? Only dealing with coins and piggy banks and little ones fumbling for loose change in daddy’s pockets, or shrieking with delight when a coin falls out of the dryer, or is found in a couch cushion. But for […]