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Current Affiliations | Advertising | Product Review Requests | Event Sponsorships | Travel Destinations Thank you for your interest! If, after getting to know me and my family through my blog, you have a product or service you think is shout-worthy from the rooftops, family-friendly, and worthy of an email, hit me up! Send me […]

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Welcome Thank you for your interest! C’mon in! I’ve just brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and I love having guests over. Just who am I? Growing up, I was always a lover of the written word, carving out time in my busy day to spend some quiet time with a paper and pencil. My […]

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Looking for something? You can see all I have to offer right here. Here’s some of my favorite categories: Categories in alphabetical order: #dessertfail #motrinmoms #roadtrip2010 5 Minutes for Parenting A Thousand Words A Week in My Life advocacy award Baby Dude baby food Baby Sis babywearing baking and cooking homemade belly pics big news […]

Lisa Douglas- Crazy Adventures in Parenting

(If you’ve clicked here looking to reach me, you can do that here)   The more “real me” version of this bio: Master and commander of the crazy train, excels at birthing eleventy-billion babies, writing parenting humor awesomeness, and the occasional helpful parenting tip or two. Brands that fly my skirt up get particularly awesome […]

Nintendo 3DS Summit of Awesome #NintendoEnthused

Returning home from my whirlwind adventure in Seattle was bittersweet, as always. Coming home to the loving arms of my family, whom I missed dearly, is always the sweetest of the sweet part. Especially when they missed me enough to surprise me with this: Talk about sweet! My husband watched all six kids and baked […]

Oreo Cookie Cake Recipes

For my oldest daughter’s birthday, I made her and her friends an Oreo Cookie-Shaped Cake. It was a two-layered chocolate fudge cake (two chocolate layers for the double cookies), made with a layer of whipped vanilla icing in the center for the “cream-filled” part. I used a single boxed cake mix, and baked it in […]